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AnA Stockholm 2024

September 11, 2024, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm CEST

On Wednesday, September 11, 2024 at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm, AnA will bring together two prominent Swedish architects and a Ghanaian architect. The trio will talk about their personal experiences and the influences that impacted them as architects in the most important creative periods in their lives:

Andreas Lyckefors, Olsson Lyckefors, www.olssonlyckefors.se
Thomas Sandell, sandellsanberg, www.sandellsandberg.se
Dominique Petit-Frère, Limbo Accra, www.limboaccra.online

This event is kindly supported by JUNG and Equitone.


Program live


“Doors open” & Get-Together

18:00 – 18:10



Speakers (20-minute talk & 10-minute interview)

20:00 – 20:20

Round table discussion & Q&A

20:20 – 22:00

Get-Together & Fingerfood

Let’s explore circular building together

The challenge of our generation is to build with a lighter impact. Knowing that the building industry is key to tackling climate change, we as a façade material producer want to do more than just transform our materials. By 2030, we want to forge new and innovative partnerships, trailblaze transparency across the value chain and establish a sustainability council of external experts to stay on track to full circularity.

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JUNG Architecture Talk Podcasts

The first podcast of the JUNG Architecture Talks series in spring 2020 was followed by 145 fascinating conversations with national and international architectural firms – about the profession and vocation, strategies and the will to change the world.
Even though architecture usually lives through the power of images, over 5,000 minutes of conversation prove how words can inspire architecture.

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„Archicad bringt uns an den Puls der Zeit.“

Büros wie Bayer Architekten wechseln zu Archicad. Die Nürnberger vollziehen damit auch den Generationswechsel von Gründer Willi Bayer zu Tochter Maximiliane und Sohn Felix. Maximiliane Bayer: „Mit Archicad bringen wir das Büro an den Puls der Zeit.“
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Schüco International KG

Schüco entwickelt und vertreibt innovative Systemlösungen für Fenster, Türen und Fassaden. Zusätzlich bietet der Gebäudehüllenspezialist Beratung und digitale Lösungen für alle Phasen eines Bauprojektes an. Als eines der führenden Unternehmen der Bauindustrie verfolgt Schüco das Ziel, als Vorreiter für ganzheitliche Nachhaltigkeit einen aktiven Beitrag zur Verwirklichung von Klimaneutralität und Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bauwesen zu leisten.
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TARGOBANK – Rückenwind für Selbstständige

Seit mehr als 90 Jahren stehen wir als Bank unseren Kunden zur Seite, über 3,6 Millionen Privat-, Geschäfts- und Firmenkunden vertrauen uns. Als Geschäftsbank unterstützen wir Selbstständige und Freiberufler mit einem einfachen Produkt- und Serviceangebot. Die TARGOBANK gehört zur französischen Genossenschaftsbank Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, eine der größten Banken Europas.
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The event venue

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Kulturhuset Stadsteatern – the huge glass building on the main square that houses the Stockholm City Theatre and the City Arts Centre. The building in itself is an architectural landmark offering activities for children, several libraries, cafés and restaurants, theatre, debates, art exhibitions, cinema, dance performances and concerts.

About the Speakers

Dominique Petit-Frère is a Ghanaian-Haitian spatial practitioner who combines architecture, ecology, and politics in her work through design, research and exhibitions. As the co-founder of Limbo Accra, her practice is centered on transforming unfinished building projects into new opportunities. The practice’s name is inspired by the numerous incomplete concrete structures scattered across the urban landscape of West Africa and signifies a commitment to contextually rooted, resilient and climate-appropriate designs. In 2023, the studio was awarded the Henrik F. Obel Foundation grant to develop ‘The Liminal Archive,’ Africa’s first digital archive of incomplete building projects and modernist ruins using photogrammetric scans and 3D representations. The archive has been exhibited at prestigious events such as the Sharjah Architecture Triennale and the Chicago Architecture Biennale, as well as various galleries and institutions across Europe. www.limboaccra.com

Andreas Lyckefors is an architect and co- founder of Olsson Lyckefors Arkitektur with studios in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden. He currently runs Olsson Lyckefors Arkitektur with Johan Olsson. Upon graduating in 2005 Andreas and Johan founded Olsson Lyckefors Arkitekter. Several of the office’s works have been recognized and awarded both nationally and internationally. Dezeen Awards shortlisted the practice in the category ”Emerging Studio of the Year” in 2022. In 2023, Merkurhuset by Bornstein Lyckefors was awarded the Swedish Architects Kasper Salin Prize, one of the oldest and most prestigious architecture awards in Sweden. The project was also nominated for Mies van Der Rohe Awards 24.The office is engaged in a broad architectural spectrum, ranging from large scale architecture to interior design and research studies in projects for private, corporate, and public clients. With an exploratory approach and a focus on the emotional experience of architecture, the essence of Olsson Lyckefors Arkitektur’s work is the search for narrative qualities in strategic, poetic, and communicative architecture.  olssonlyckefors.se

Thomas Sandell, born in 1959 in Jakobstad, Finland, graduated in 1990 from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 1995, he founded the company Sandellsandberg together with Ulf Sandberg and Joakim Uebel with a vision that everything communicates. From 2014 Sandellsandberg became exclusively an architectural firm and since 2016 it is part of AFRY. Early in his career, Thomas had the opportunity to work on several large projects, including the Museum of Modern art in Stockholm. Thomas is known for several buildings, for example Stockholmsbörsen, Gåshaga brygga on Lidingö and product design for IKEA. He has worked with several Swedish and international furniture producers such as B&B Italia, Capellini, Svenskt Tenn and Asplund. His broad design has earned him many prestigious awards, everything from the Red Dot Design Awards, Rödfärgspriset to various urban planning awards and a three-time winner of the ROT-award. www.sandellsandberg.se

Daniel Libeskind, Studio Libeskind, projects:
Jewish Museum
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Ground Zero Master Plan
Photography: Joe Woolhead
Nokia Arena
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Bord Gáis Energy Theatre
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Military History Museum
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Kö Bogen
Photography: Matthias Kunde
National Holocaust Monument
Photography: Doublespace Photography
Zlota 44
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Zhang Zhidong Museum
Photography: Hufton+Crow
PWC Tower CityLife
Photography: Hufton+Crow
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Herwig Spiegl, AllesWirdGut Architektur, projects
Perlach Plaza
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
FUNKE Media Office
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
Kapellenhof Residential Complex
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
Umbau Gösserhalle
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
HOL Bruckner Tower Linz
Photography: Faruk Pinjo
Wohnquartier Ludlstraße
Photography: Michael Radeck
Agnes und Albrecht
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
Technisches Verwaltungsgebäude
Visual: bloomimages
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
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Annabelle von Reutern, Concular, projects
Impact Hub Berlin at CRCLR House - LXSY Architekten
Photography: Studio Bowie
Stadion C - ASP Stuttgart
Photography: Concular
Biennale Venezia
Photography: Arch+
Koop Triqbriq
Photography: Triqbriq
Urban Mining Hub
Photography: Concular
LXSY Architekten
Hochschule Augsburg
Photography: HsA Mathias Leo
Photography: Concular
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