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AnA Copenhagen 2024

September 24, 2024, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm CEST

On Tuesday, September 24, 2024 at the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) in Copenhagen, AnA will bring together two renowned Scandinavian architects and an Italian architect and 2025 Venice Architecture Biennale curator, who will talk about their personal experiences and the influences that impacted them as architects in the most important creative periods in their lives:

Anders Lendager, Lendager, Copenhagen, www.lendager.com
Siv Helene Stangeland, Helen & Hard, Stavanger, Oslo, www.helenhard.no
Carlo Ratti, Carlo Ratti Associati, Turin, www.carloratti.com

This event is kindly supported by JUNG and Equitone.


Program live


“Doors open” & Get-Together

18:00 – 18:10



Speakers (20-minute talk & 10-minute interview)

20:00 – 20:20

Round table discussion & Q&A

20:20 – 22:00

Get-Together & Fingerfood

Let’s explore circular building together

The challenge of our generation is to build with a lighter impact. Knowing that the building industry is key to tackling climate change, we as a façade material producer want to do more than just transform our materials. By 2030, we want to forge new and innovative partnerships, trailblaze transparency across the value chain and establish a sustainability council of external experts to stay on track to full circularity. More info >>

JUNG Architecture Talk Podcasts

The first podcast of the JUNG Architecture Talks series in spring 2020 was followed by 145 fascinating conversations with national and international architectural firms – about the profession and vocation, strategies and the will to change the world.
Even though architecture usually lives through the power of images, over 5,000 minutes of conversation prove how words can inspire architecture.

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„Archicad bringt uns an den Puls der Zeit.“

Büros wie Bayer Architekten wechseln zu Archicad. Die Nürnberger vollziehen damit auch den Generationswechsel von Gründer Willi Bayer zu Tochter Maximiliane und Sohn Felix. Maximiliane Bayer: „Mit Archicad bringen wir das Büro an den Puls der Zeit.“
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Schüco International KG

Schüco entwickelt und vertreibt innovative Systemlösungen für Fenster, Türen und Fassaden. Zusätzlich bietet der Gebäudehüllenspezialist Beratung und digitale Lösungen für alle Phasen eines Bauprojektes an. Als eines der führenden Unternehmen der Bauindustrie verfolgt Schüco das Ziel, als Vorreiter für ganzheitliche Nachhaltigkeit einen aktiven Beitrag zur Verwirklichung von Klimaneutralität und Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bauwesen zu leisten.
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TARGOBANK – Rückenwind für Selbstständige

Seit mehr als 90 Jahren stehen wir als Bank unseren Kunden zur Seite, über 3,6 Millionen Privat-, Geschäfts- und Firmenkunden vertrauen uns. Als Geschäftsbank unterstützen wir Selbstständige und Freiberufler mit einem einfachen Produkt- und Serviceangebot. Die TARGOBANK gehört zur französischen Genossenschaftsbank Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, eine der größten Banken Europas.
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The event venue

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DAC features two exhibition rooms, children’s universe Educatorium, several conference rooms, the art installation DAC Slide, Design Shop, and a spectacular view of the city from the café and its large rooftop terraces.

About the Speakers

Anders Lendager is an architect, Creative Director and founder of Lendager. His company has established itself as a front runner and one of the most influential architecture studios and strategic consultancies working within sustainability and circular economy. Anders oversees various projects and ensures the implementation of cutting-edge approaches to change-making in the built environment within a wide range of typologies, scales and consultancy services. He aims to push the boundaries and scale sustainable transition throughout the value chain. He graduated as an architect from the Aarhus School of Architecture and has since been immersed in the development and promotion of sustainability in practice and as an external consultant, keynote speaker and international lecturer on resource efficiency, innovation, and holistic sustainability. His pioneering spirit has positioned him as a recognized proponent of turning strategy into concrete actions. www.lendager.com

Siv Helene Stangeland is a renowned Norwegian architect recognized for her innovative and sustainable design approaches. She co-founded Helen & Hard, an architectural firm established in 1996 with Reinhard Kropf, which has gained international acclaim for its environmentally conscious projects and creative use of timber. Stangeland’s work emphasizes ecological responsibility and social inclusivity, integrating natural materials and community-centric designs. Her notable projects include the Vennesla Library and Cultural Center, which exemplifies her commitment to sustainable architecture and has won several awards for its unique and functional design. A graduate of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the Architectural Association in London, Stangeland has also been active in academia, contributing to architectural education and discourse. Through her work, she continues to push the boundaries of sustainable architecture, making significant contributions to the field both in Norway and globally. www.helenhard.no

Carlo Ratti is a founding partner of the international architecture and innovation office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and has established several tech start-ups in the United States and Europe. Ratti graduated from the Politecnico di Torino and the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris and later carried out his MPhil and Ph.D. work at the University of Cambridge – completing his Ph.D. thesis as a Fulbright  Scholar  at  MIT.  In  December  2023,  he  was  named  as  Curator  of  the  Venice Biennale Architettura 2025. One of the top ten most-cited scholars in urban planning, Ratti has co-authored over 750 academic publications. He  has  consulted  international  bodies  from  the  European  Union  to  the  Queensland Government. He was a curator of the BMW Guggenheim Pavilion in Berlin, the Future Food District  Pavilion  for  the  2015  World  Expo  in  Milan,  the  chief  curator  at  the  8th  Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen, and a creative mediator at the European Nomadic Biennale Manifesta 14 Prishtina. Ratti’s work has been exhibited worldwide at venues including New York City’s MoMA, the Venice Biennale, the Science Museum in London, Expo 2015 Milan, and Expo 2020 Dubai.  www.carloratti.com

Daniel Libeskind, Studio Libeskind, projects:
Jewish Museum
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Ground Zero Master Plan
Photography: Joe Woolhead
Nokia Arena
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Bord Gáis Energy Theatre
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Military History Museum
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Kö Bogen
Photography: Matthias Kunde
National Holocaust Monument
Photography: Doublespace Photography
Zlota 44
Photography: Hufton+Crow
Zhang Zhidong Museum
Photography: Hufton+Crow
PWC Tower CityLife
Photography: Hufton+Crow
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Herwig Spiegl, AllesWirdGut Architektur, projects
Perlach Plaza
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
FUNKE Media Office
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
Kapellenhof Residential Complex
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
Umbau Gösserhalle
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
HOL Bruckner Tower Linz
Photography: Faruk Pinjo
Wohnquartier Ludlstraße
Photography: Michael Radeck
Agnes und Albrecht
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
Technisches Verwaltungsgebäude
Visual: bloomimages
Photography: tschinkersten fotografie
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Annabelle von Reutern, Concular, projects
Impact Hub Berlin at CRCLR House - LXSY Architekten
Photography: Studio Bowie
Stadion C - ASP Stuttgart
Photography: Concular
Biennale Venezia
Photography: Arch+
Koop Triqbriq
Photography: Triqbriq
Urban Mining Hub
Photography: Concular
LXSY Architekten
Hochschule Augsburg
Photography: HsA Mathias Leo
Photography: Concular
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