Jette Hopp



About the Speaker

Jette Cathrin Hopp is a graduate architect who has been an integral part of Snøhetta since 2005. As Director for Acquisition and new projects within the management group, Jette has played a crucial role in leading major international project developments and competitions. Fluent in Norwegian, German, and Danish, her multilingual upbringing has been an asset in managing complex projects both in Norway and internationally.

Jette is not only a respected figure in the field but also actively contributes to architectural discourse by lecturing at architectural symposia, conferences, and international institutions. She also serves as a jury member for various architecture competitions and prizes and is a sought-after critic at international architecture universities. Her diverse experience includes roles as a team leader for the museum in the King Abdul Aziz Center for Knowledge and Culture in Dharhan, Saudi Arabia, and as a project leader for large-scale hotel and resort development in Hvar, Croatia. Jette has spearheaded international projects with a strong focus on sustainability, including the Astana Expo 2017 “Future Energy” in Kazakhstan, and Lingkong Soho in Shanghai, China. In Norway, she has been involved in groundbreaking environmental projects like Powerhouse One in Trondheim and the Powerhouse Kjørbo concept phase in Sandvika, the world’s first rehabilitated energy-positive building.

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