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During our Brazilian Edition, we got carried by Cristiane’s charm, by the narration of her life’s experiences and about the relevant personalities that she met in her life. Already as a kid she had a passion for art and liked to draw, but when it came to take a decision regarding where to study, she followed her parent’s suggestion and decided to take an architectonical path.

She was born in Santo André, a small town near São Paulo and moved to São Paulo, when she graduated from college. And was there a better choice than studying architecture in one of the most iconic building of the Brazilian modernism? Cristiane studied in the 80’s and early 90’s at FAU USP, building designed by Vilanova Artigas and it seems like Artigas was indirectly a sort of guide for her towards architecture since, already as a kid, she studied at “Vila Alpina” Kindergarten, another building by Artigas built in 1970.

We can say that Artigas was a first indirect influence for Cristiane, but the first master she studied and worked with was Paulo Mendes da Rocha. They worked together at Escola da Cidade and what she learned from him was what shaped and influenced her for the following years.

Today Cristiane has her office with her life partner Fernando Viegas, but teaching has always been an important part of her profession as well. Not only she is a professor but she is interested and curious about learning from other personalities and from her students.


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Sadie Morgan is a founding director of dRMM and industry leader. Over her 25-year career she has played a key role in the advocacy of exemplary design and architecture, through her professional practice and advisory roles. In her role as a design champion Sadie is involved in a number of advisory roles including chairing the Independent Design Panel for High Speed Two, reporting directly to the Secretary of State and being one of ten commissioners for the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) led by Chief Executive Phil Graham.

Sadie became the youngest president of the Architectural Association in 2013, was short-listed for the AJ Woman Architect of the Year award in 2014 and most recently won the inaugural ‘Female Architectural Leader of the Year’ at the BD Architect of the Year awards.

About Una MunizViegas:

Una MunizViegas is an architecture firm founded in 2019 and based in São Paulo. Cristiane Muniz and Fernando Viegas, work and life partners, graduated from FAU USP in the early 90’s and founded their first firm Una Arquitectos a couple of years later, the office was involved on a different scale projects, going from urban plans to residential buildings to cultural projects.

Cristiane and Fernando today work at Escola da Cidade, Cristiane is the current the director of graduation and co-coordinated for 5 years a postgraduate course on the issue of education in architecture. Fernando is associate president of the Institution and since 2010 co-coordinates the postgraduate course Civilização América: Geografia, Cidade e Arquitetura. The teaching activity and its extension with conferences, workshops, seminars and evaluation boards also make up the daily routine and complement the architectural practice, supporting applied research.

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