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VWT | Canada Edition

March 09, 2022, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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** Remember that if you cannot join us live, you can register, save the livestream link and watch it later. **

Together with you, we are touring the world to listen to the most celebrated architects of our time share their unique paths and talk to them about their experiences and influences. It is one country, two world-renowned names, and their unique stories of becoming and being an architect at each event. Welcome to our second Virtual World Tour.

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 live at 14:00 EST (Toronto time) / 20:00 CET (Berlin time) we will “visit” Canada and meet two of its most relevant architects. If you can’t make it live, save the link and watch it later!

The two following architects will talk on our virtual stage about their personal experiences and important creative periods in their lives and, as always at “AnA“, none of their projects may be mentioned:

Brigitte Shim, co-founder of Shim-Sutcliffe Architects, www.shim-sutcliffe.com
Johanna Hurme, co-founder of 5468796 architecture, www.5468796.ca

This event is kindly supported by our AnA sponsors.

Program live


“Doors open”

14:00 – 14:10


14:10 – 15:10

Speakers (20-minute talk & 10-minute interview)

15:10 – 15:30

Discussion with questions from the audience

** Remember that if you cannot join us live, you can register, save the livestream link and watch it later. **

Information about the speakers

Brigitte Shim along with her partner A. Howard Sutcliffe are principals of Shim-Sutcliffe Architects. Shim-Sutcliffe’s built work explores the integration and interrelated scales of architecture, landscape, furniture and fittings. To date, Shim and Sutcliffe have received fifteen Governor General’s Medals and Awards for Architecture from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and an American Institute of Architects National Honor Award along with many other professional accolades for their built work ranging from projects for non-profit groups to public and private clients. In January 2013, Brigitte Shim and her partner A. Howard Sutcliffe were both awarded the Order of Canada, “for their contributions as architects designing sophisticated structures that represent the best of Canadian design to the world.” In 2021, Shim-Sutcliffe received the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Gold Medal in recognition for their long-lasting and pivotal contribution to architecture in Canada.

Brigitte Shim is a Professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto where she leads design studios and elective courses. She has been an invited visiting professor at Yale University’s School of Architecture, The Cooper Union’s Irwin Chanin School of Architecture, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne, Auckland University’s National Institute for Creative Arts and Industries, National Institute for Creative Arts and Industries, among others. She has served on numerous international, national and local design juries as an advocate for design excellence. www.shim-sutcliffe.com


Johanna Hurme is a co-founder and managing partner of 5468796 Architecture in Winnipeg, Canada. In the past fifteen years the firm has received numerous awards and recognitions nationally and internationally, and its work has been published in over 200 books and publications. In 2012 5468796 represented Canada at the Venice Biennale in Architecture, and in 2013 they were selected as recipient of the 2013 Prix de Rome Award in Architecture for Canada by the Canada Council for the Arts. 

In addition to practice Johanna is an activist and an advocate, having initiated and co-created a number of design related events and programs. She has taught design at the University of Manitoba, Toronto, Montreal and in 2019 she was named visiting Professor-Morgenstern Chair at the College of Architecture, IIT, Chicago. Most recently she has been invited to teach at the Cornell University starting January 2022. Johanna lectures extensively and is co-author of ‘Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities’ (2018), and ‘platform:MIDDLE’, Housing for the 99%, to be published in late 2021. www.5468796.ca

Sky-Frame – Create your own personal living experience.

Working with Sky-Frame means creating living environments of unparalleled beauty, comfort and elegance. The frameless sliding window is a modular system that combines Swiss engineering ingenuity with time less style, resulting in architectural elements that exude quality in every regard.
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ARAUCO – global manufacturer of forest products.

ARAUCO is a global leading company focused on the development of renewable forestry products for construction, furniture and interior design projects. The company offers a wide product portfolio such as Melamine Boards (TFL), MDF, Plywood and Lumber. On 2020, ARAUCO became the World´s First Forestry Company to certify its Carbon Neutrality. 
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Enrique Norten, TEN Arquitectos, projects:
Amparo Museum
Photography: Luis Gordoa
CENTRO University
Photography: Luis Gordoa
Clinton Park
Image: TEN
Habita Hotel
Photography: Luis Gordoa
Mexican Museum
Image: TEN
Monument for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla
Photography: Luis Gordoa
National Museum of Energy and Technology (MUNET)
Image: TEN
Photography: Luis Gordoa
National Laboratory of Genomics
Photography: Luis Gordoa
National Laboratory of Genomics
Photography: Luis Gordoa
Rutgers Business School
Photography: Peter Aaron
580 Carol Street
Photography: Marc Lins
Gabriela Carrillo, Taller Gabriela Carrillo, projects:
Casa Sayavedra
Photography: Taller Gabriela Carrillo
Centro Académico y Cultural San Pablo
Photography: BIAU
Deans Building - School of Commercial Banking
Photography: Taller Gabriela Carrillo
Escuela de Artes
Photography: Luis Gordoa
Four Seasons Mexico
Image: Taller Gabriela Carillo
Iturbide Studio
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Juzgados en Pátzcuaro
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Los Chocolates
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Milano Design Week- Hermés Exhibition Stand
Photography: Hermés
Pabellón 1800
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Photo Museum Cuatro Caminos
Photography: Mauricio Rocha
Public Buildings, Milpa Alta
Photography: Taller Gabriela Carillo