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Sydney Edition 2023

March 21, 2023, 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm AEDT

The international event series “Architects, not Architecture” comes to Australia with events in Melbourne and Sydney! Three different distinguished architects will be participating in each of the cities as the format, which has been acclaimed in more than 10 European countries since 2015, makes its way to Down Under for the second time.

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at Art Gallery NSW in Sydney, AnA will bring together three of the most fascinating Australian architects who are pushing the boundaries in the fields of architecture and interior design. They will talk about their personal experiences and the influences that impacted them creatively on their respective journeys as architects:

William Smart, Smart Design Studio, Sydney, www.smartdesignstudio.com

Hannah Tribe, Tribe Studio, Sydney, www.tribestudio.com.au

Virginia Kerridge, Virginia Kerridge Architect, Sydney, www.vk.com.au

“Architects, not Architecture”, or “AnA”, gives guests the chance to get to know world-renowned architects on a more personal level as there is only one golden rule: speakers are not allowed to talk about their architectural projects. This has allowed audiences around the globe to enjoy unique personal content since the format was introduced in 2015. 

Doors open at 18:00 AEDT.
The talks start at 19:00 AEDT.

This event is kindly supported by Equitone, Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia, Brickworks, ERCO and Allegion.


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“Doors open” & Get-Together

19:00 – 19:10



Speakers (20-minute talk & 10-minute interview)

21:00 – 21:20

Round table discussion & Q&A

21:20 – 23:00

Get-Together & Fingerfood

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The event venue


The Domain Theatre in Sydney, Australia, is nestled within one of Australia’s flagship art institutions, the New South Wales Gallery. The NSW Gallery was built in 1880, with recent extensive renovations throughout, including the Domain Theatre. Priding itself on integrating landscape, art and architecture, the NSW Gallery boasts the best Australian and international art, while also providing a spectacular venue.

About the Speakers

William Smart is the founder and Creative Director of Smart Design Studio and is directly involved in every project, contributing at all stages from design to final delivery. His buildings have received critical acclaim, many prestigious awards and have been widely published in architectural and other publications.
His, and the Studio’s, approach to design is holistic, combining both architectural and interior design with a passionate attention to detail. Since 1997, as Creative Director, William has been directly involved in each project, and is continuously exploring ideas in his work relating to flexibility, contemporary living and the merging of art and architecture. William’s enthusiasm and passionate attention to detail is fundamental to the Studio’s success, motivating a highly dedicated team of architects and interior designers to realise projects of high quality and innovation producing work that is both detailed and resolved. www.smartdesignstudio.com

Hannah Tribe is the Principal of Tribe Studio Architects. Established in 2003, she has built the practice, recognised for design excellence in its built and conceptual work in residential and urban design, education, commercial, heritage, installation and interiors. Hannah is an energetic and innovative designer, who works across all scales from city planning to detailed design. Hannah has taught at the University of Sydney, UTS and UNSW. She has tutored in design and lectured in design and design communications. She has sat on the NSW Chapter Council of the Australian Institute of Architects. She has been an invited juror on awards panels, including the Australian Institute of Architects Awards and the IDEA Awards and the 2020 Houses Awards. In 2020 she curated the Sydney Architecture Symposium, and she was recently appointed to the NSW State Design Review Panel. www.tribestudio.com.au

Virginia Kerridge established her studio in 1995. The practice soon became known for an exquisite catalogue of contemporary housing that crafted thoughtful relationships between interiors and landscapes. Kerridge’s deep interest in art practice has led to an almost painterly approach to material, texture, colour and light. These elements infuse the studio’s projects in both new and existing buildings and across diverse housing and commercial projects.The Taylor Square Warehouse received an RAIA Merit award in the studio’s first year of practice. Since then, Kerridge has received numerous awards from the Australian Institute of Architects and Houses Awards. House in Country NSW was named as Australia’s House of the Year in 2011. More recently in 2018, M3565 Main Beach won the Job + Froud Award in Residential Housing – Multiple Housing, and in 2020 the Grant Pirrie House was awarded an AIA Residential Architecture Award as well as an AIA Interior Architecture Award.Virginia Kerridge graduated in architecture at the University of NSW with first class honours. She has tutored at UNSW in the Master of Design course and UTS in Interior Architecture. www.vk.com.au


Lars Krückeberg, GRAFT Architects, projects:
Charlie Living Complex
Photography: Hiepler, Brunier
Bricks Berlin Schoeneberg
Photography: Bttr GmbH
WAVE Residential Complex
Photography: BTTR GmbH
Villa M
Photography: Tobias Hein
Schierker Feuerstein Arena
Photography: Michael Moser
Show Palace Munich
Photography: Stefan Müller-Naumann
Paragon Apartments
Photography: Kevin Fuchs
Old Mill Hotel
Photography: Tobias Hein
Autostadt Roof and Service Pavilion
Photography: Tobias Hein
Dentist KU 64
Photography: Hiepler, Brunier
Ester Bruzkus, Ester Bruzkus Architekten, projects:
The Kastle
Photography: Jens Bösenberg
The Green Box
Photography: Robert Rieger
Photography: Robert Rieger
Villa Kellermann Tim Raue
Photography: Robert Rieger
Photography: Jens Bösenberg
Photography: Jens Bösenberg
Ester's Apartment
Photography: Jens Bösenberg
Cine Delphi LUX
Photography: Marcus Wend
Photography: Jens Bösenberg
Colette Tim Raue
Photography: Nils Hasenau
Sergei Tchoban, Tschoban Voss, projects:
Nhow Hotel
Photography: Patricia Parinejad
Bank Sankt Petersburg
Photography: Aleksey Naroditsky
Museum for Architectural Drawing
Photography: George Messaritakis
Ackerstraße 29
Photography: Werner Hutchmacher
Federation Tower
Photography: Dmitry Chistoprudov
Townhouses Finkenau
Photography: Rolf Otzipka
Meininger Hotel am Postbahnhof
Photography: Martin Tervoort
Three Gable House Steinstrasse 20
Photography: Daniel Sumesgutner
Ferrum 1 Office Building
Photography: Ilya Ivanov
Photography: Klemens Renner