Anupama Kundoo



About the Speaker

Anupama Kundoo was born in 1967 in Pune, India. She graduated in 1989 from the Sir J. J. College of Architecture at the University of Mumbai. Kundoo has offices in Auroville and Madrid. For her work, knowledge and education are the requirements for successful design in technical and social terms. Their architecture is characterized by aesthetics, their play with light and shadow, the spatial understanding of interwoven indoor and outdoor spaces, the embedding of their buildings in a landscaped frame, and the fine-tuning of the used materials.

Kundoo conducts research and education worldwide, including ETSAB Barcelona, Parsons New School of Design New York, and the University of Queensland. Her projects include buildings such as Hemant Divya, Auroville Town Hall Complex, and Wall House. In 2013, she received the Dr. V. Joshi Award, and in 2015 she was awarded the NDTV Commercial Interior of the Year.

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