Home Edition 2020 – Talk #2


 M A X   D U D L E R

With the support of BoConcept.

Home Edition 2020 

Let’s keep the cultural life alive!  As a consequence of Covid-19, our social and cultural life has been reduced to a minimum and we all need to adapt to this unprecedented situation. Since we have a commitment with you, with the architecture scene, we came up with this new idea that is meant to lift your spirits and provide you with some genuine inspiration – at your home. Therefore, from Monday, March 23rd, onwards, each day at 7 p.m. we will be sharing one of the unique talks from the previous 35 events that we have held during the last 5 years.

TALK #2: Max Dudler (this talk was held in German)

About Max Dudler

Max Dudler was born in Altenrhein, Switzerland. After completing his studies in architecture at the Städelschu­le in Frankfurt am Main and at the Hochschule der Küns­te Berlin, he has headed his own practice, with branches in Berlin, Zürich, Frankfurt and Munich, since 1992. Over the past two decades, the practice’s focus has expanded beyond traditional architectural tasks. In ever changing contexts, Max Dudler has transposed his con­ceptual approach onto areas as diverse as urban planning, transportation structures, conversions, historic preservation, exhibition design and even furniture de­sign. Numerous prizes, including the 2012 DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany for his design for Hambacher Schloss, and the Nike for the Best Urban Design Interpretation 2010 for the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Center are a reflection of Max Dudler’s continued and active engagement with architecture. In 2004 Max Dudler was appointed professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

AnA Berlin 02 – Our second event in Berlin took place at the Atze Theater, June 15th, 2017. We invited three outstanding architects, two of which have an office in Berlin, Max Dudler and Laura Fogarasi-Ludloff, and one international guest, who was Mario Botta.

This talk is presented with the support of BoConcept.

In his talk, Max Dudler speaks about how important it is for him, to be connected to history in order to transform it into the future. The same values are reflected in the Charlotte armchair by BoConcept, designed by Henrik Pedersen. A small chair with a great character.

The wide seat combined with slim conical legs ensure a chair with a contemporary yet classic look. Horizontal stitching along the backside of the Charlotte chair gives an elegant finishing touch while piping along the edges enhances its design features. Charlotte’s comfort, durability and beautiful design allow it to easily find its place in any room. With an eye to natural forms, clean lines and comfort, Henrik Pedersen has created a small armchair with a big personality. You will find BoConcept’s brand book here: Link.

Check some of the pictures of the event:

You can find the full gallery here: www.architectsnotarchitecture.com/be02

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