Home Edition 2020 – Talk #66


H A N S   N I C K L


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Home Edition 2020 

Let’s keep the cultural life alive!  As a consequence of Covid-19, our social and cultural life has been reduced to a minimum and we all need to adapt to this unprecedented situation. Since we have a commitment with you, with the architecture scene, we came up with this new idea that is meant to lift your spirits and provide you with some genuine inspiration – at your home. Therefore, from Monday, March 23rd, onwards, each day at 7 p.m. we will be sharing one of the unique talks from the previous 35 events that we have held during the last 5 years.

TALK 66: Hans Nickl

About Hans Nickl

Prof. Hans Nickl studied architecture at the TU Munich. In 1979 he founded his own office, mainly focussed on “buildings for sick persons and handicapped people“. In 1989, him and his wife, Prof. Christine Nickl-Weller, co-founded Architects Nickl & Partners. The studio’s goal is to create modern buildings which positively boost working and living spaces. To a large extent, the designs of Nickl & Partner are based upon the actions and needs of people who work, live and receive health care there.
Since 1992 Nickl has been teaching about “design of buildings for healthcare“ at the TU Munich and about „construction design“ at University of Applied Science in Erfurt.
His book „Healing Architetcure“ was published in 2009. Its conceptual takes on the architecture of healthcare buildings meet the requirements of the growing and very diverse needs of their users, i.e. patients, doctors and nursing staff, as well as visitors. www.nickl-partner.com

AnA Munich 02 – After a wonderful first event the year before, Architects, not Architecture returned to Munich. Again we welcomed three well-known architects to the stage of the Carl-Orff-Saal in Gasteig. Werner Frosch, Andrea Gebhard and Hans Nickl shared their incredible backgrounds.

This talk is presented with the support of Petersen Tegl. 
With his architecture, Hans Nickl creates environments that aid patients in their recovery. Flexible spatial designs and exciting materials are key elements of his work. Petersen Cover™ adds a distinctive and modern look to the building while offering all the known advantages of tile.

Petersen Cover™ is a handmade tile product for roofs and facades. The structure of the tiles engenders both robust and modern facades. The transition between facade and roof merges together. Petersen Cover™ can be recycled and is therefore a highly sustainable product. The tiles are easy to disassemble and can be recycled indefinitely. Traditional brickwork requires no maintenance except for the joints which have to be checked after some years. Petersen Cover™ has no joints and requires minimum maintenance. Check out their different products: petersen-tegl.dk.

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