Home Edition 2020 – Day 2


 T O D D   S A U N D E R S


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Home Edition 2020 

Let’s keep the culture life alive! Inspiration in times of Covid-19. 
Our cultural life has been reduced to a minimum and we all need to adapt to this unprecedented situation. Since we have a commitment with you, with the architecture scene, we came up with a new idea that is meant to lift your spirits and provide you with some genuine inspiration – at your home.  This way we could contribute with something positive to this extraordinary situation.

From today onwards, each day at 7 p.m. we will be sharing one of the unique talks from the previous 35 events that we have held during the last 5 years. Each day, we will alternate between talks in German and English.  Stay tuned! 
You can also send us a short mail if you want to receive a daily or a weekly notification.

TALK #02: Todd Saunders

About Todd Saunders

Todd Saunders is a Canadian architect who founded the studio Saunders Architecture based in Bergen, Norway, in 1998. The award-winning firm has completed cultural and residential projects around the world, with a bold modern aesthetic that combines a strong sense of place with an emphasis on craftsmanship and meticulous detailing. Every project represents a carefully managed relationship between architecture and nature.

This respect for remote, spectacular and often challenging sites is paired with a strong social ethos and belief in the role of architecture as a meaning of invigorating and sustaining communities. His projects include the Fogo Island Inn and artists’ studios in Newfoundland, Canada, the Illusuak Cultural Centre in Nain, Labrador, Canada, and the Solberg Tower on the Norway-Sweden border demonstrate this multi-layered approach. 

AnA Oslo 02 – On September 19, 2019 we welcomed two Norwegian and one Canadian (Bergen-based) architect. Einar Jarmund, Kari Nissen Brodtkorb and Todd Saunders were on the stage of the Vulkan Arena in Oslo.

This talk is presented with the support of BoConcept. 
BoConcept has taken the great traditions of Danish design to the world’s big cities. They have worked with interior design for more than 60 years, always in respect of their Danish legacy balanced by innovation and new ideas. In all the 64 countries where you can meet BoConcept.

In his talk, Todd Saunders says „nature is your friend and has all the answers“. That might be challenging on days like this, where we spend a lot of time in the apartment and should enjoy nature in our garden or balcony.

Outdoor furniture, such as the Elba chair, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight steel frame is durasint coated for optimal durability. Elba is furniture you can enjoy for a long time. Much longer than to current quarantine. Check out the Elba collection.

Check some of the pictures of the event:

You can find the full gallery here: www.architectsnotarchitecture.com/no02

Virtual Feedback Cards for the Speaker

Dear viewer,
Maybe you have never attended on of our events, but maybe you know this already. Your work is required! As the speakers share many of their personal experiences with us, we would like to present them a special gift, now in a virtual way.

Please write down on the following text box what you enjoyed most about the talk. Our goal is to present each speaker with personal feedback cards, as we do at our events. At our events, we collect the cards right before we start with the round table and hand them over in a box at the end of the event.

Please participate! Our speakers love it and we want to continue with this tradition.

Here, we will collect the messages and forward them via e.mail to our speaker:

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