Home Edition 2020 – Talk #4


 H E R W I G   S P I E G L


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Home Edition 2020 

Let’s keep the cultural life alive! 
As a consequence of Covid-19, our social and cultural life has been reduced to a minimum and we all need to adapt to this unprecedented situation. Since we have a commitment with you, with the architecture scene, we came up with this new idea that is meant to lift your spirits and provide you with some genuine inspiration – at your home. We strongly believe that we all need positive input in this extraordinary situation.

Therefore, from Monday, March 23rd, onwards, each day at 7 p.m. we will be sharing one of the unique talks from the previous 35 events that we have held during the last 5 years. Each day, we will add a new video alternating daily between talks in German and English. Stay tuned! 

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TALK #4: Herwig Spiegl
(this talk was held in German)

About Herwig Spiegel

Herwig Spiegl was born in 1973 in Innsbruck. He studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, McGill University Montreal and the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture London.

In 1999, he founded the office AllesWirdGut with four partners. Today, the office has 70 employees at locations in Vienna and Munich. A special focus in the work of Herwig Spiegl lies on housing construction. In the context of social and technical change, he tries to offer new living models. This innovative office has already been awarded numerous prizes and awards including the “State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability”.

In addition to the architectural work in the office, Herwig Spiegl has also taken on teaching roles. Since 2017, he is a member of the design advisory board of the state capital Stuttgart.

AnA Munich 02 – On October 17, 2018 we welcomed two well-known architects and one landscape architect. Herwig Spiegl, Regine Keller and Helmut Jahn were on the stage of the Carl-Orff-Saal in the Gasteig cultural center in Munich.

This talk is presented with the support of BoConcept.
In his talk, Herwig Spiegl speaks about the 19 apartments he has lived in throughout his life. He has lived in tiny flats as well as vast lofts but as different as these apartments are from each other, there is one thing they all have in common. He felt home in all of them.

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Check some of the pictures of the event:

You can find the full gallery here: www.architectsnotarchitecture.com/mu03

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