Norway Edition 01

We proudly announce the first event to take place in Oslo!

In September 2018 three well-known architects from Norway and Denmark will be on stage at the Vulkan Arena, Oslo. They will talk about their personal experiences and important creative periods within their work and, as always at „Architects, not Architecture“, not a word may be lost about their projects themselves.

„Architects, not Architecture“ – as the name suggests – provides a glimpse on great personalities of architecture. The event series is not about the projects of the architects, but the people behind, their professional backgrounds and formative individual experiences, that shaped the projects we all know.

The three following architects will present themselves on stage in the Vulkan Arena with a 20mins. lecture. After each speech the wonderful host Fermín will welcome his guests for a short interview:

  • Kjetil Thorsen, co-Founder of Snøhetta, Oslo/New York/Innsbruck/San Francisco,
  • Siv Helene Stangeland, co-Founder of Helen&Hard, Stavanger/Oslo,
  • Dan Stubbergaard, Founder of COBE, Copenhagen/Berlin,

Let´s spend a wonderful evening together, seizing the opportunity to get inspired and gain some new perspectives!

This event is kindly supported by our partners Schüco, Jung, Grohe and BoConcept.


6:00pm Door opens. Registration and Get-Together. 
7:00-7:15pm Welcome
7:15-8:45pm 3 Speakers
                        20 mins. lecture time for each speaker + 10 mins. interview.
8:45-9:15pm Round table with questions from the audience
9:30-11:30 Get-Together

Information about the speakers

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen was born on the Norwegian coastal island of Karmøy. After several years in Germany and England, he studied architecture in Graz, Austria. When he completed his studies in 1985, he co-founded the office Snøhetta with his founding partners Craig Dykers and Christoph Kapeller.

Today, Snøhetta has grown to become an internationally renowned practice of architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, product- and brand design, with more than 200 employees from 30 different nations and subsidiaries in Oslo, New York, Innsbruck, San Francisco, Singapore, Adelaide, Paris and Stockholm. Thorsen leads the office in Oslo.

Along with his partners the studio has completed a diverse range of international prize-winning projects, including the bibliotheca alexandrina in Egypt, the national norwegian opera and ballet in Oslo, and the national september 11 memorial museum pavilion in New York City. 

As a member of the Norwegian Architectural Association (NAL), Thorsen has served on their design competition committee and also as a juror on other various design competitions in Europe. From 2004 until 2008, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen has been a professor at the Institute for Experimental Studies in Architecture of the University of Innsbruck.

Siv Helene Stangeland was born in Stavanger, Norway. Before she started studying architecture in AHO Oslo, she studied French and Art in Bordeaux for a year.

She spent 3 years in Barcelona during her architectural studies, following classes at the ETSAB, the Technical University in Barcelona, and the art school in Massana, Andorra, where she finally decided to become an architect.

With completing her architectural studies at AHO in 1996, she and her partner, the Austrian architect Reinhard Kropf, founded the office HELEN & HARD in her hometown Stavanger, Norway. The office now has around 30 employees from 10 different nations and another subsidiary in Oslo.

Stangeland and Kropf design a wide range of projects, from domestic to public buildings and also architectural installations in open spaces. One of their works core topics is probably the exploration of sustainable design, as they describe their philosophy with „relational design“ and „creating architectural solutions that shall serve and inspire people to a sustainable life“.

HELEN & HARD also completed a divers range of prize-winning projects, such as the Norway Pavilion at the Expo Shanghai (2010) or the student housing in soerhauggata (2015).

Dan Stubbergaard is the founder and creative director of COBE Architects in Copenhagen, which he founded in 2005, together with the German architect Vanessa Miriam Carlow. Before that he studied at the KAPK, the school of architecture in Copenhagen, from 1996 to 2001.

Since its establishment, COBE has been successful within the area of urban planning and has gained international recognition through the realization of beautiful and innovative projects. In 2006 their contribution for the Venice Biennale of Architecture was honored with the Golden Lion for the best national pavilion. This success has been followed by other award winning projects, such as a very recent award for the best transformation project in 2018 by the City of Copenhagen: The Silo.

The name COBE is derived from the two cities the founders are coming from – Copenhagen and Berlin. The company currently employs about 100 dedicated architects, urban planners and administrative staff of different nationalities and runs a subsidiary in Berlin since 2012, headed by Vanessa Carlow.